2018 Suzuki IM-4 Review, Design, Specs

By | September 30, 2018

2018 Suzuki IM-4 Review, Design, Specs – With the Suzuki Jimny remaining a tiny bit prolonged in the tooth and the crossover and SUV market place booming in current years, the Japanese carmaker made a decision to provide a funky-looking supermini crossover to the 2018 Geneva Motor Exhibit. Identified as iM-4, the concept was proven alongside the iK-2 supermini, each showcasing a completely new Suzuki platform.


As opposed to the lionhearted Jimny, whose present-day generation is heading toward its twentieth birthday in 2018, the 2018 Suzuki iM-4 Concept is a good deal less rugged- and a lot more urban-looking, not to point out that it features five doors alternatively of just three. Using a “love it or hate it” exterior design that harks again to Kei cars like the Suzuki Fronte Coupé and the first-generation Cervo, the model could make really a splash in the section if it gets created by using a equivalent look.

2018 Suzuki IM-4 Exterior Design

The entrance end features a Volkswagen Amarok put together with Kia Soul vibe, but I simply cannot actually place my finger on any car used for reference by Suzuki. The retro Kei car look is present from nearly any angle, with merely a pair of present day particulars retaining it from looking like a Japanese micro-car from the nineteen seventies.


The side profile is incredibly angular, when the greenhouse-to-door peak ratio is clearly that of a concept car with poor all-around visibility. The engine incorporates a pair of side retailers that remind me of the outdated Vitara, though the blacked out A- and B-pillars hark back again to the Swift and make a so-called “floating roof” result, in particular over a white car like the iM-4 Concept. The model’s rear end does look a tad like a distressed cartoon animal, courtesy of a pair of “surprised” LED taillights accompanied by two a lot more LED strips built-in into the bumper.

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2018 Suzuki IM-4 Interior Design

Suzuki has not exposed any aspects or pics with the iM-4 Concept’s interior, but I think it secure to say that the generation model (if there at any time is one) will most likely share some of the knobs and buttons with the Swift and/or the output model of the iK-2 Concept. Do not hope just about anything way too upscale, quite simply.


2018 Suzuki IM-4 Interior Engine

Determined by an new Suzuki platform that is shared with the iK-2 Concept, the small crossover includes four-wheel drive, albeit the carmaker doesn’t specify if it also features a low-range transfer circumstance like the more hardcore Jimny – I believe not. Energy emanates from a 1.2-liter Dualjet four-cylinder, which is named that simply because it features twin fuel injectors on every single cylinder. Shared with the Suzuki Swift Suzuki Swift , the powerplant provides 89 horsepower and 89 pound-feet of torque, so don’t count on any mind-boggling performance figures. Thanks to reduced weight, smaller dimensions as well as a four wheel drive system, the Suzuki iM-4 can be as plucky as the Jimny in off-road.